Friday, August 22, 2014

A Day for Grandma

My 91 year old Grandma passed away in December. I knew when I was going to Washington that I would bring part of her with me. She loved the state and worked as a fruit picker and elevator operator near to where we were going to be staying. We took a lock of her hair, mine and Abby's along with a ring she gave me when I was 18 and a gold necklace to a meadow with a view of Mount Rainier. Near the top of Quartz mountain. These are pics from that field and the views from there. All pics were taken that day on that mountain....Love you Grandma! Thank you Irby family for doing this for me. It was a day of high emotions,incredible friendship and love.

The day before this adventure I had called my Aunt and told her the place wanst night. The town she had talked about. I just wasn't feeling it. It was a valley in the middle of a desert. I was very upset. I was hurting because I was only a month out from surgery. My Aunt reminded me that Grandma had worked in that town but always talked about the surrounding area. Clear lakes, Mountains,wildflower fields, waterfalls. She said specifically,"You'll know it when you find it."I talked to my family there that night and they told me the place had to be Quartz Mountain. We drove as far up that mountain as we could that day before snow blocked the path and I had an extreme panic attack. We went back down maybe a quarter of a mile and went to turn around in a wildflower meadow. I got out and walked around and knew. I had found it. A field of wildflowers, a clear lake, views of Mt Rainier, Mt Adams and the Cascades. We spent a good amount of time there that day and I had the breakdown moment I had needed since she left us.None of it would have been possible without Jerimarie. She gave me the box we put the items in. She and her daughter helped me pick wildflowers. She dug the hole for me. All for a woman that meant the world to me.The following are pics from that day.

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