Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Vote for Teresa Vejrosta - Kansas City, MO in the 2014 National Mobility Awareness Month Local Hero contest!

Dear Friends,

My friend Pam, whom I have mentioned on my blog several times over the years has entered Abby and I in A national contest to win and adaptive van. Only 3 vans are given away in the country so we are encouraged to use all social media available to obtain votes and or get the word out.

All you have to do is click on the link and hit login, you can enter your info or sign in with Facebook, In or G+

We have to make all efforts to make this a movement for me and my special one. You can share through email,Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest.bloggers and more....and you can vote daily!

Please take a the time to vote and share. It would mean the world to us!

Vote for Teresa Vejrosta - Kansas City, MO in the 2014 National Mobility Awareness Month Local Hero contest!

Entry Photo for Teresa Vejrosta - Kansas City, MO

Hello. My Name is Pam Pelzman and I would like to nominate a local Hero for The Mobility Awareness Month Campaign.
My hero’s name is Teresa Vejrosta and she is the mother and caretaker of a child with Rett Syndrome. Her daughter Abby is completely reliant on Teresa for every aspect of her care as she cannot speak, use her hands or arms and suffers from extreme apraxia.
Teresa is a hero to me because she shines in the face of something that would bring most people down. They live in townhouse where the bedrooms and bathroom are on the 3rd floor. She has to carry her daughter up and down those stairs, which are narrow, in and out of the tub and in and out of her bed several times a day.
Because Abby requires total assistance, Teresa also has to pick Abby up and load her into a small non accessible vehicle then load the heavy wheelchair in and out several times per day. Teresa has two bulging discs in her back, a rotator cuff injury, and a bulging disc/pinched nerve in her neck. She is constantly concerned she is going to hurt Abby or herself while loading and unloading.
The thing that makes her a hero to me is that on the days Abby is in school and doesn’t have appointments, Teresa volunteers as a parent mentor and advocate for those with Special Needs and their families in Missouri. When most people would dive back into bed, Teresa drives to a local University so she can make a difference. When you ask her how and why she just smiles and says,”I know you don’t understand but I have to do this. Helping these people makes it all make sense for me. If I can help just a few people so they don’t have to feel alone and overwhelmed, I can have peace in my heart. It’s my way to fight.”
Teresa also sleeps with her phone, just in case a parent needs someone. If I could help take some of the physical labor and pain away from her I would feel like I had performed a miracle for someone that deserves it more than anyone I know. To not have to lift and to have her child be safer in their much used vehicle would be great reward for my local hero.
Thank you.

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