Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Car Santa has a holiday surprise for family whose van was stolen on Thanksgiving Day

Car Santa has a holiday surprise for family whose van was stolen on Thanksgiving Day

An incredible outcome to our van being stolen on Thanksgiving day.

Like it says in the video the police found our van in a not so savory part of town. I wanted to go down there immediately to see what I could salvage and see the condition but the officer told me it wasn't safe and I could go look at it on Monday at the impound yard.

At the impound yard they make you pay the tow fee. Even if you are a victim of crime with a report. I was shocked to find out that you also only get 10 minutes on the lot. 10 minutes to decide if you are going to take your vehicle,gather your belongings or junk it. It had been wrecked..not bad but still. The ignition was gone. There were random pieces of the car in the car. I didn't want to but junked it so I could pay the tow fee.

I know I spent the first few minutes just....pissed I guess would be the best way to explain it. Everything was gone except for an umbrella and the tire pressure gauge. 2 boxes and 2 bags going for donations to Goodwill. An extra diaper bag. My husbands backpack,  tool box and a tool bag. Abby's car seat. My friends camcorder we had borrowed to tape therapies. I still don't know how to tell her it's gone. Think Ill wait till she asks and just throw up on her shoes and hope that changes the subject.

Fast forward to last night. The reporter, Mitch Weber, who absolutely rocks and his cameraman, Rex who also rocks, showed up for a follow up story about the car being found. Rex diddled around here for an hour taking video and making excuses to why Mitch wasn't here. We talked and joked around. No big deal.

Mitch finally shows up and asks us a few questions. All those what now and I'm so sorry kinds of things. I remember feeling bad for him because he felt so bad and looked so sad. You can tell he's a fixer.

At the end of the interview they wanted us to come outside for a last shot. I should have hear that bell ringing then but I didn't. Ole clueless Terri.So we wrapped Abby up and headed out the door. The second our door opened it was like Paparazzi...thanks to a neighbor with a pro camera that shoots everything. I couldn't see anything while coming down the ramp but flash flash flash. I could never be a celebrity. I don't know how they walk with all that. I turned and Mitch stepped out of the light and had keys in his hand and Santa was next to him and some other people and a Van with a big sign on it.

I was floored. Absolutely floored. I think I tackled poor Mitch after Santa got his hug. I'm usually Miss Chatty Cathy and I was speechless. Didn't know how to say Thank You or do a dance so I just stumbled my way through.

Piece of advice. Never play poker with Mitch Weber, He was good. I had no clue.

Children's Mercy is working with us to get Abby a proper car seat so the biggest worries will be taken care of. The rest we will have to replace in time but for now we couldn't be happier.

Thank you Car Santa, Mitch,Rex,Terry and everyone from KSHB. We really appreciate it!

Merry Christmas!

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