Saturday, August 25, 2012

No rhyme or reason kind of day

I have to admit this pic was not taken today but it is one where I think she looks stunning and we had a stunning day.

I'll just say Abby is an odd bird when sick. She acts so completely different than she does when she isnt sick that it is...just odd

On Wednesday I picked Abby up from school with a 102.3 fever. By 5 am the next morning after a night of moaning I rushed her to the hospital with 104.6 temp. I had given her Motrin before we left the house so of course, by the time we got there she was Miss Flirty McGoo and I looked like a weirdo.

5 hours and many test later her fever had come back and they tested her for a UTI and bladder and kidney infections...yep all positive.

So Ive had a little sicky poo for the last few days. Moaning, breathing weird in her sleep. Then waking at odd hours. 3 am, 5 am and acting like she feels fine and ready to party.

Today I had to get out of the house with her. I hate to do it but there was no one here and she needed medicine and we needed food. I usually will not take her to the store or mall because it is tramatic for her and maddening for me. She screams, bites herself, pulls her own hair or chants,hums and rocks whenever we are in a store. People stare and whisper and it drives me nuts.

We managed the prescriptions through the drive through then we were off to Walmart where I said a little prayer before going in.

As we entered the door I was so anxious I thought I was going to start humming and rocking. The place was packed. And me being the scatter brain I am I had no list and spent close to  90 minutes walking back and forth and making u turns.

Miss Anxiety sicky poo was happy as can be. So much so she was charming the socks off anyone that made eye contact with her. After about the 10 person looked at the person they were with and said,"Look at her. She's beautiful," I had to stop the chair and walk around to see what she was doing. She was smiling, hands under chin, bright blue eye paralyzing people in their tracks.

In all we had 4 women, 6 men, 2 couples and 2 children stop me to tell me pretty or beautiful she is. And she loved every minute of it.

So I get her home...she is laying sideways. Wont sit up. Moaning and whining.

Why is Rett Syndrome so backwards when they are sick? Is it just us?

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