Monday, June 25, 2012

1st grade field day!

This year field day was so much fun...even if Mommy is a few weeks late posting the pics. Last year I dont think the kids really knew what to do with me and Mommy was so super over protective that the day didn't last long for me. This year you would of thought it was Abby day. My friends really went out of their way to make sure I was included.
Here I am. Let the festivities begin!

This is my Functional skills classroom. Two of my friends were gone that day.

My girlfriends were pretty excited. Whateves

Time for tug of war. Ok I'll let Mom take my place

Mom's playing the part of the great pumpkin. Go Mom!

The boys thought it was cheating to let Mom take my place even though there were 4 more of them.Oh yah and the coach!

Free child labor. Lets see how many buckets of mulch each of you can carry through the woods to the front flower bed.

OMG are they not figuring this out?

OMG so funny

I am seriously gonna bust a gut here

He is totally my boyfriend


Ok peeps. Ya'll just got suckered

My friends are so awesome!

My entourage

OMG MOM! Go away. You are so embarassing me

I like you and all but don't even think about looking at Angelo

He's mine and I love him!

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