Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our favorite Therapy!

Back to my recommendations for therapy for Rett Syndrome.

We have been doing Water Therapy with our OTR/L since Abby was in early intervention. When we transitioned out to the school district they did not provide it and Medicaid won't pay for it..go figure..so we decided to start doing this one out of pocket. We really felt it was too important to give up. We eventually found Autism funding that would pay for 2 sessions a month. Down from our once a week but we take what we can get.

Technically Water therapy is considered OT or Occupational therapy...before anyone bites my head off that's what I have been told. It may be categorized different for you in your area.

What we love about it is that it is so much more than that. Water therapy helps her with body awareness,balance,coordination. It is Physical therapy and Occupational therapy all rolled into one and she LOVES it!

They call our girls Silent Angels and anyone that knows my Abby knows her Silent is broken. She babbles,squeals and sings constantly in her own little language. I often have people ask if she had, "Swim today?" after the pool because her little mouth goes 90-nothing. She is so happy and so verbal.

I have 2 videos today. The first shows Abby doing OT in the water playing catch with a ball.

The second shows her PT part of the Therapy where she walks around the shallow end with weights on her legs. You can tell the awareness it gives her at the end by how fast she climbs the stairs with the weights on!

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