Monday, July 5, 2010

Laurete Software

I know I have been promising to post some video of this software for some of you special needs parents for quite a while. We went almost a year without a computer that could load the software and we were waiting on a touch screen. We finally got a touchscreen overlay that helps but is not near as sensitive to touch.
This is a little video of Abby's 1st time in months using the software. We usually have to help her by looking at the reflection to see where she is looking so we can make the choice for her. Her hands don't work correctly and she sometimes bangs on one while looking at the other or bangs on them both. We are hoping to get some eye gaze pointer equipment soon. It acts like a mouse and will click on whatever she is looking at for more than a moment.
I highly recommend this starter software for the non verbal. When it was first introduced to us I refused to let her try it because I didn't think she could do it. The therapist insisted and we were amazed. When she couldn't get her reach or hands to operate correctly she touched the screen with her face. We bought it immediately.
Here is a link for anyone interested. Laurete Software

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