Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I know

Boy have I had a couple of crazy days. Yesterday my Aunt Pam graduated from college. She took me and my Mom with her cause we wouldn't have had a way to get there. Man air conditioning rocks!
We had to get there early so me and my Mom had to wait in the lobby for 2 whole hours. My Mom likes to pretend that crowds and people don't make her nervous but I know they do. I know she used to like to people watch. Until we became the watched. Sometimes I really wish I could use my hands just to be able to poke people in the eye.
My Mom tells people not to get upset when people are staring at me. She says they just do it because I'm so pretty and people are confused why there are so many things that I cant get my body to do.
I know when people are really staring and really wondering because they are concerned. I like to dead stare back at them. It takes their breath away. And boy when I flash my smile. Hah suckers...gotcha
Yesterday there was a very nice lady that was taking us in the elevator to the special place I could sit so my chair could be next to my Moms. When the door opened a lady stepped over the side of my chair so she could be the first in line when we were obviously being escorted. I heard my Mom take that breath she takes and felt her grip on my chair. Then I heard a man behind us tell the woman she was rude. My Mom amazes me. She told the man it was OK. The lady had the problems not us and she was the one he should feel bad for. I'm sure it must have taken a long time for my Mommy to get that way. I once heard her tell someone it was easier for her to take the high road then be in jail every time someone made her mad or was inconsiderate to me. Pick your battles is what she says.
I heard her talking on the phone last night. Even she forgets that I'm right here. She was crying and telling someone that she was not gonna leave me at home. Kids go to the store and to dinner and to the movies and on vacation and to graduations and until I make it obvious to her that I dont want to go that she is gonna walk me, wheel me, and carry me on her back if she has to.
And I know she will.
I know.

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