Friday, June 11, 2010

Abby has a bike

Last July we applied for an Amtryke for Abby through her physical therapist. In Mid April we got an email that Abby had been approved for a bike. One had been donated by The Noon Network and Ambucs out of Salina Kansas. The bike was delivered to her school and used there until we picked it up on her last day of pre school. Here it is. We absolutely love it! I have to get these pics developed and sent out with a Thank you card ASAP. Until then. Thank you so much Ambucs and Noon Network.
This is Abby's 1st time on it at home. It was so hot out. I cant believe how incredible this bike is. She is so safe. She is strapped in by the feet, 5 point harnessed and then the leather and bar padding..think roller coaster chest protector. This was the 2 seconds we were able to keep her hands on the handle bars. We are trying to make straps for her wrists to help her keep her hands on the bars and out of her mouth. Not an easy task!

It was so hot we waited until night fall to take her back out. Trying to peddle herself already!

Once it had cooled down we put the helmet on her. Poor kid still got very sweaty.
We are so HAPPY with this bike. When Abby was diagnosed and we were going through the grieving process of all our lost hope and dreams....I can specifically remember saying that we would never see her ride a bike...Makes me tear up even thinking about it.
We are so very grateful. Look for more pics and video to come soon!

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The MacDonald Family said...

Whooo Hooo! yay Abby - you look great girl!