Monday, May 10, 2010

Changing things

This morning we took Abby for an Upper GI test to check her Fundo.
I was up all night worried to death about how they would perform the test on her since she has trouble swallowing and a NG tube through her nose has been unable to be placed in the past.
Of course I worried for nothing because they were able to place the fluid for the test through her MIC-KEY Gtube button. She was such a trooper. No complaints and all smiles. You would think she would be sick of being messed with.
The xrays showed that her fundo is tight and in place. We had been worried because it is supposed to hinder her ability to vomit and control her GERD but she vomits almost daily. So much in fact, that her little face is covered in broken capillaries.
Once we saw the surgeon he explained two options for her. One is to feed her slower. When she had her GTube surgery she had almost no stomach left and what she did have they wrapped for the fundo. In Neurologically impaired children their bodies just don't work the same way. The second option is to start with the first option and do a Nuclear Gastric Emptying Test next week. If her body is unable to empty the contents of her stomach properly he will have to perform a Pyloroplasty. This procedure will only be performed if absolutely necessary but it might just be the case. We are hoping not. I really can't stand the thought of putting her through another surgery but I cant let her vomit and aspirate every day either.
So good thoughts,prayers or both would be appreciated.

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SeairaLaNae said...

I'm so glad the test went well and I hope to God she doesn't have to have another surgery! xoxoxoxox