Thursday, April 1, 2010

Daddy lovin Mommy teasin BRAT!

Hey guys. This is Abby. I thought I would get on here since my Mom has been so lazy about keeping my blog up.

My Mom took this video the other night of me. Her and my Dad were trying to get me to eat food. They know I dont eat food unless I am watching another kid right next to me do it.

So I decided to hide from her. She can't see me if I'm not looking at her. She thinks she can but I know better cause I cant see her cause I'm hiding.

My Daddy is pretty good at saving me from her when she's trying to get me to give me kisses or to make me eat stuff.

Make sure you watch the video till the end. She called me a brat so I called her one right back!

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The MacDonald Family said...

Oh I just love her!! Abby you're such a cutie!