Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Road Trip to Chicago

This last week we partially lost our minds and took a road trip to Chicago. My 17 year old son fell for either an Internet scam or is just a really naive child. We had both been led to believe that we were having a car donated to us by some very nice philanthropists. My son was very proud of everything he had done for this and I trusted that it was going to happen. I think he may have just fallen for some big talk and am praying someone was not trying to get my son alone for anything horrible.
Luckily I have a great friend that let us stay with her. She is another Mom of a Rett Child and opened her home to us and was a great hostess.
Kelly Butler and Brooklyn and her family drove in 3 hours just to spend a few hours with us at the zoo. It was almost unreal meeting them.Like meeting rock stars or something. It went by entirely too quick with everyone. I would of loved to spend a few more days with everyone. Not sure I will do it with the entire family packed into a small overpriced rental car for 11 hours there and a day and half back in a blizzard!! An hour flight sounds much more appealing.
Enjoy the pics!!


Brandi and Andrew said...

So glad you were able to see a few Rett friends, but what a drive you must of had. Hope all is well with that sweet girl!

Kelly said...

A rockstar huh??? I love it - that made me laugh out loud!!! Luv Ya, it was so great to finally meet you!