Friday, February 5, 2010


Murphy's Law was all over us this morning and we had to cancel Abby's Physical Therapy appointment...Snowing to beat the band and neither one of is feeling too woopie. We have never missed a therapy appointment.

We did take a couple of videos last week. To someone not involved in the world of Rett these may seem very so what to you. For those of us that live it these are jump for joy moments.

Since Abby was down last year for so many months she lost almost all of her core strength and walking ability. She can no longer walk more than a few feet without assistance. Above she is working on leg strength and climbing the stairs on her own. You will be able to see how very hard it is for her brain and body to work together..especially when she attempts to walk down. Because of her severe vertigo and no center of gravity there is no down stepping for Abby so far...we hope to change that or at least hang on to what we can and fight this Rett Syndrome Monster any way we can.

The video below was also taken last week. Working on a swing for a child who has such extreme hypotonia and no purposeful hand use has been challenging but she is working super hard and we are so thrilled that she can hang on at all now. She is such a little toughie and I am so proud of her!


The MacDonald Family said...

Abby, you are AMAZING!! Keep up the great work girl!

Kelly said... are AMAZING!!

Carrie and Avery said...

avery hates the swing! WTG Abby on walking up the steps!