Monday, December 28, 2009


We had an absolutely wonderful Christmas. Last year we were not able to get much for the kids and nothing for each other as usual. In early November a lady called to tell us she knew we wouldn't ask or stand in line anywhere, even though we more than qualify for assistance so she was going to get us adopted. I tried to tell her no but she told me where to put my pride and said that she was going to do it anyway...I have to say Thank you Cindy! On Christmas Eve 2 gentlemen and a little girl came and knocked around noon. They had 2 bags full of gifts and they were more than generous with us. I don't know who they were or what she told them but they really went all out. I do have to say that I was especially touched that they brought the little girl. She was obviously overwhelmed and a little shocked by Abby I think. I was so touched by the lessons they are teaching her. It is invaluable and something many people never learn. It really is. Showing her that there are people so much worse off than she is is teaching her empathy and the lesson that she should be charitable and never feel entitled whether she knows it now or not. I think that brought tears to my eyes more than anything else. And we were not the only family they did this for. They had several more deliveries to make. I hope they have some idea how thankful we are for people like them.Daddy helping Abby open some of the gifts our Angels got for her. She's not able to use her hands or speak but the look on her face says it allKyler is opening the Wii they got for him and you can tell he was so confused like he couldn't believe it.Abby's shock at the Dora doll. We got his one. We didn't get pictures of her kissing her but she did after a few minutes. She loves her.Below Abby is playing kissy face with her brother. She is pretty rough about it and he gets slapped alot but he loves her

This a pic of Abby with her private duty nurse. We love her. She is such a help to us.

Abby with all the bling she got. She is such a little fashionista!

This is our girl after she opened the box of hair bows our Angles got her. Now if only all kids could be made this happy over a box of hair bows!!!

Cheese! I'm spoiled rotten!

We dont put up a tree for safety reasons but she still loves looking at them. This was a neighbors tree. She was so excited she was squealing and biting herself.

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