Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Princess Abby!!!!!

Today is Abby's 5th Birthday!!!!!!! Because she is so ill we are going to reschedule her birthday party for November...only because she is contagious and needs several weeks to get over it and October is so so busy for us because it is RETT SYNDROME AWARENESS MONTH!
I thought it would be nice to post her previous birthday pics. No not all 20 thousand of them. Just some of my favorites!The day she was born. September 26,2004
Her 1st birthday. Already kissen boys!

Her unicorn pony

My little fairy princessAttacking a banana cream pie
Her 2nd birthday. So pretty
Her 3rd birthday. This is her reaction when her class started to sing Happy BirthdayPretty girl 3rd birthday3rd birthday party! Such a lil princess

4th birthday. Not at all happy about the outfit!

4th birthday party at school. Showing off her adaptive skills!!
Feel better soon my love!!!


Girl Power 2 Cure said...

GET WELL SOON SWEETIE!!!! Adorable pics -- thanks for sharding! She is soooo precious.

The MacDonald Family said...

Get well soon beautiful! Great pictures!!!

Kelly said...

Sending you hugs sweet angel. I love all the pictures Terri - she has been a BEAUTY from the beginning!

Brandi and Andrew said...

Happy Birthday to one beautiful girl!!! I hope she gets feeling better soon. I love those outfits!