Thursday, September 24, 2009

Feeling a little better today

Some of you know that our Abby has gotten the dreaded flu bug. Darn piggies.

The first few days she was pretty miserable and we had to go ahead and reschedule her birthday party from Saturday the 26th to November 7th. Only because she could still be contagious for a while and we want to give her plenty of time to recover.

I finally got some smiles and movement from her this morning and wanted to share. I know every ones been pretty worried. She has been fever free since last night so hopefully she is on her way to recovery.

Keep the good thoughts coming!




Karlie Grace said...

Glad to see those smiles! I'm happy she's finally feeling a little better! How are you feeling, Momma?

The MacDonald Family said...

Oh sweet girl!! So happy to see the beautiful smiles and to hear that Abby is feeling better!