Sunday, September 13, 2009

Abby's ways of communicating

As most of you know my Abby has Rett Syndrome. A debilitating disorder that at 18 months robbed her of her speech, purposeful hand use and physical free will. She has low tone,severe Apraxia and Ataxia. We have been working on ways to communicate with Abby and it has been a long road. We have started to introduce her to simple switches at home and she is adjusting just like the little trooper she is.

We are using this button to record messages back and forth from home and school. She can't always (mostly never) get her hands to do what she wants them to so she is adapting. Our best success with her has been eye gaze-paying attention to what she is looking at-but that kind of equiptment is ridiculously expensive.

Here we are going over what she did at school this day. You can see for yourself how amazing my little princess is. I am so proud of her!


Caitlyn said...

I love it!! Caitlyn has a 4 choice communicator that she uses for basic needs (hungry, thirsty, all done and tired). She uses her nose too!! Such smart adapting girls!

The MacDonald Family said...

Continue to amaze us sweet Abby!! Hugs!

Kristy said...

That is awesome. She so clearly understands and responds to all your questions. Go Abby!