Monday, July 6, 2009

Steady as she goes

We got some more video of Abby walking today. We have had this harness for a while but the first time we used it we had too much slack in it and she fell so I had put it up.
I think Abby has severe vertigo and low body awareness because if you take your hands off her she looks like she's dizzy and has almost no ability to catch herself. She loves to walk but tires much easier than she used to so we are only doing a block a day for now. Hope to have her back up to her 30 minutes soon.
Fingers crossed!


Brooklyn and Kelly said...

Go Abby go! That harness is pretty cool - we have soem of those "walking wings" I hope someday Brooklyn can use them to help her take a few steps! We are SO proud of you Abby - you work SO hard! Hugs from Indiana!

Jan said...

Way To Go Abby, great job walking, before you know it mom will be running after you, keep up the good work
Grandma Jan and Alyssa r306c from Illinois