Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Awesome day!!

Today we took Abby out to a try it before you buy it Autism and special needs store. OH BOY! I am so kicking myself in the behind that I didn't bring my camera. Abby was amazing. Her nurse and I were both in tears!
We had gone in there to get her a communication switch she can take back and forth to school and we wanted to get her a nice one. We got a really good deal on this one:Details here
We also got 3 talking picture switches to hang in the living room so she can tell us when she is thirsty,hungry or needs to potty. I may end up getting more of these. Details here

Then there was this one. WOW! No we didn't buy it. I only wish. It is a HP touchsmart. It's a touchscreen computer. The lady mentioned trying it a couple of times while we were trying the other stuff and I finally gave in because she told me I may be surprised. She put in a cd that would give Abby choices on the screen. She did first words and verbs. SHE WAS AMAZING! I almost wanted to tell the lady to stop because I thought I was going to break down. Abby was just touching away at the answers and when she couldn't get her little hand to move she would lean forward and kiss the answer. Abby's nurse and I were beside ourselves. The software was $275.00 so we couldn't get it just yet and the computer is $1200.00 at Walmart but it's the next big thing I want to get. I wish you all could of seen her. I was so proud! Details on this one here.


Brandi and Andrew said...

Abby, you are so smart! That is really exciting to hear about her communication skills.

Brooklyn and Kelly said...

We both KNEW Abby could do all of that for sure! Is there any way to get just the soft ware and then make your current lap top a touch screen with somethin like this - it would be a little less expensive than a new touch screen computer. Just a though....I am so excited for you and for Abby...I can't wait to see new videos :) Hugs to you both!