Sunday, June 21, 2009


This is video we got of Abby walking yesterday. Since she was down with her surgery she has lost alot of tone and developed scoiosis. It took months to get her to where she wasn't hooked up and stationary more than not.I am still kicking myself for not getting her surgery done when she was healthier.

Abby had only been taking a few shakey steps between the entertainment center and the couch and sometimes she would just stand where she was and tremor or yell until someone came and got her. If we held her hand she did better but had lost most independent walking.

On Friday she just took off and let go. We got this video on Saturday. This is a weaker version of her at full strength but now I have some hope we can get back there. The penguin like gait is normal.

We are thrilled!


SeairaLaNae said...

WOW, make me cry why don't ya!!

How awesome!

The MacDonald Family said...

Abby you are amazing!!! Great walking girl! Keep up the hard work.

Brooklyn and Kelly said...

HOW AWESOME! I love it, she is doing so great!

Brandi and Andrew said...

Good job Abby, keep it up!