Thursday, June 11, 2009

Abby started her Summer session this week. She is still going Mon-Thurs but for only 2 hours a day.
We had a new nurse start this week. She has only worked 3 days so far but Abby really likes her. While she was laying down after school today she kept edging closer and closer to the nurse until she had her head against her leg then she patted her leg and looked up at her until she laid her up on her lap. Abby was very content. Really eases my mind.
Unfortunately our Scoliosis fears were confirmed this week. We had always hoped that since Abby could walk we might be able to avoid this but she lost so much tone and ability when she was down in January that she now has a 15 degree curve between her 1st and 4th lumbar.
Medicaid approved her wheelchair this week but denied her Gait Trainer. We had requested a Gait Trainer to help her with exercise and help build her tone back up so we are going to resubmit it. I can't imagine what they are thinking when they deny something like that but if I let that get to me too much I'd be in trouble because no is the norm for the disabled unfortunately.
The pic above is Abby this week waiting for the school bus in her borrowed chair. Hers will be much smaller and easier to transport.
Fingers crossed on the Gait trainer!
And thanks to those who have been contributing to her kiddie pool. We appreciate it!
Hugs and slobbery kisses!

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Brooklyn and Kelly said...

I hope you have SO much fun at school Abby and we will be praying things work out for the gait trainer too!