Thursday, May 21, 2009


School is out for the summer. For now at least. Abby will start a 4 week ESY in June.

So far we are not off to the best start. I dressed her in shorts and a tshirt yesterday and she came home with a pretty wicked sunburn on the tops of her legs from where her shorts end to her sock line. I am hoping if she was on a lap or in a chair outside that someone wasn't careless enough to just let her sit there and burn in the sun. Not happy. I am planning on sending care notes that she is to be under shade if sun is beating down and she is stationary.

She got pretty sick last night. We had assumed the other day when I was quite ill that I had gotten food poisining from some bad almonds. She had all my same symptoms. It was not an easy thing to watch her wretch while I released vomit from a tube in her abdomen all night.

We are pretty tired today and I am giving her slow feeds of half formula half pedialite and she is tolerating them so far. And as long as I keep her Wiggles on a steady loop she should stay happy.


Brandi and Andrew said...

I hope you feel better soon Abby!

Karlie Grace said...

Bless her little heart, i feel for ya both! Get well soon sweet girl!

Melicamay said...

Awww poor Abby - are the carers allowed to apply sun cream? Over here at non-residential care we are not allowed to apply any creams ( this is for non special needs but I think it is the same for special needs)

Brooklyn and Kelly said...

I hope you are BOTH feeling better today!! Big Hugs from Indiana!