Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kiddie Pool

We have created a Kiddie Pool at Adaptive It is program they have set up to help disabled children get the funding they need for items they require.
As you may know most adaptive equipment is very pricey and hard to obtain. We have picked out a few items for Abby as scoliosis is becoming apparent although not yet confirmed. She needs extra support as well as help with bathing.
The great thing about this site is that anyone can contribute and anyone can also sign up their own child or grandchild. Once the items have received their total amount they will confirm sizing with us and ship to us directly.
So for those of you who have always wanted to help but don't really care for sending money to foundations this would directly benefit Abby.
To contribute click here and it will take you directly to her page.
Thank you so much
Abby's Family


Brooklyn and Kelly said...

I hope you get all the things you are needing sweet girl!!

abbysworld said...

Whoever made a donation to Abby's Kiddie pool today Thank you so much. They notify us that there was a donation but they dont tell us who it was from!
Thank you