Tuesday, May 26, 2009

EEG Princess

We took Abby in for an EEG this morning to check for seizures. This is something par for the course with Rett Syndrome and we usually do it yearly. However Abby has been having some,(episodes) that we felt needed further testing.
She isn't having full grande seizures but it seems to be more than her standard Rett tremor. She is having episodes where she just kind of goes blank and stares and sometimes becomes a little cross eyed. Sometimes we are able to snap her out of it and sometimes not.
I didn't see anything different in her with the testing. I think the flashing lights are harder on me than her. Strobe lighting has always made me nauseous. She didn't even flinch. She just looked at me like what the heck Mom?
We came home and spent the rest of the day in bed after only getting 3 hours sleep. She awoke to some pretty awesome hair and I got video of her Princess Messiness dancing with her Dad.
You'll just have to come back for that one. Stay tuned;)


Brooklyn and Kelly said...

Was it a video eeg??

Brandi and Andrew said...

Hope you get good results. We haven't had one in a while but the strobe lighting is kind of a weird. Is it suppossed to induce a seizure? I can only imagine what it's like to pull the gooey electrodes out of a girls hair. I think there was 30 or more when we had one done. WOW!