Saturday, April 4, 2009

Over the river and through the woods

This morning we got up early and drove down to Great Grandma and Grandpa's farm about 2 and a half hours south. I took a few good pics but you'll have to go to my facebook for those. Ha! Abby wanted to take Great Grandma for a walk as soon as we got thereI know right?Abby is play pouting because there is no tv. God forbid.It's ok Mommy I still love you!This was Abby's Daddy(I know) before we left this morningAnd this was Abby's Daddy when we got home tonight.
It took her a bit to realize it was actaually her Daddy I think. Then she kept slapping him in the head. Unfortunately I had already taken the sd card out of the camera.


Karlie Grace said...

Holy cow! You'll wake up in the morning and think you've got a boyfriend, lol! Way to go George! The two little sweet hands picture just melted me and the no tv thought is a scary one! Looks like you had a nice visit!

Brooklyn and Kelly said...

Such GREAT pictures, Abby you are too cute! George, you look SO different!!

Little Joe and Jill said...

Wow! Great pictures! What a new look for George.