Monday, April 27, 2009

Now wait a Wiggly minute!

Yipee Yahoo Hot Potato!
That's right THE WIGGLES are coming to town. I was watching The Wiggles with Abby the other morning and a commercial comes on saying tickets are on sale now for August 1st. What? Whenever I get tickets for a concert I am in line early the morning tickets go on sale. How did I miss this? Is it even possible she won't be in the first row?
So I jumped up and ran, yes ran, to my computer to hit up Ticketmaster. I banged my shin on the doorway and entertainment center on the way.
There are two shows that day. I searched for best available for show one and got nosebleeds so I searched show 2 and we got row L. Yikes that's half way back!
Ok quit yer laughing.
My little girl is Wiggly CRAZY! They know all, they cure all and they are all.
There is this thing with The Wiggles and Rett Syndrome girls. I don't know what it is.
When Abby had her two week stint in the hospital there was only two things that made everything ok. Dr H and The Wiggles.
When Abby was being poked and prodded they calmed her down. When she came out of surgery and the team was wheeling her down the hall on the gurney and she was screaming and writhing in pain I was an asolute mess. When they put her in her bed she looked up at the never ending loop of Wiggles we had going and she laid her head on her bear and sighed with tears running down her face.....she smiled.
When we can't figure out what's wrong and no position changes,feeding or medication will fix it...we know what to do.
I am so excited for her I am about to burst myself!!!!!!!
Now how to get her in to meet them?????

This is her face this morning when they came on tv.


Doris said...

What fun! We are wiggles happy here too. Have yet to see the live performance though...

Brooklyn and Kelly said...

They are not coming anywhere near us this year :( BUMMER.
I HIGHLY recommed contacting the local radio stations - try all of them until you get a "yes" most of them can find a way to get you back stage - explain Abby's situation and extreme love for the Wiggles, you never know!

Melicamay said...

Hhhmmm not a Aiggles fan, but yey for Abbie!!! Contact the Wiggles management team and anyone else that could possibly be involved. Play on how GREAT publicity she would be for them! Heck play on ANYTHING!!

Good Luck!