Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Daddy's girl. Pllhh!

Oh boy. This little girl. She is Daddy's baby. I absolutely do not exist except to perform my duties when he is home. She is almost a snot about it. This first video I took as soon as she got home from school. We usually hook her right up to her tube but she was slapping at me and putting her hand in her mouth so we wanted to give her a few bites to start. So here she is eating and flirting with her Papa.

This next video I got right after I dropped her brother off at a concert. Her and her Papa are watching The Backyardigans and telling stories and guessing what will happen next. This is pretty normal for the interaction we have with her but we rarely get it on video. Once again. Papa is the most awesome thing ever!

Whatever. Pllhh!

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Melicamay said...

Awww such lovely giggles!! Lucky daddy!!
I don't know if it is a 'symptom' but ALL the girls I have ever met with Rett Syndrome (over 100) have been massive flirts and VERY interested in the men!!!