Monday, March 16, 2009

Making Choices

I have been going out of my head lately trying to get people and educators to get Rett Syndrome.

I have decided to start making videos of Abby when we are working with her at home. This is a video of her same as book. We have One flash card on the top with a picture then Three below and we ask her which one is the same.

Rett girls biggest challenge is communication and completion of synapses in the brain. Trying to get this point across to others in a way they can understand is very frustrating.

When a Rett girl wants to make a choice she is not always able to complete it. For instance sometimes she can bat at the picture and sometimes she is answering by looking at the picture or object. She cannot control what is going to work for her so it takes her longer and she has to try much harder. Much patience is needed. And giving up on her should never be an option. I hope you enjoy this video.


SeairaLaNae said...

Terri that is wonderful! She answers just like Seaira does! I love how when the answer is in the middle she'll use her hands but if it's off to the side she uses her head! Seaira does that too, I thinks it's because they have better control of their heads then their hands! I could tell her answer perfectly on each one that was awesome! Good job Abby, keep up the good work!
I love you two!!

The MacDonald Family said...

Nice Work Abby!! You're such a smart gilr! Terri, I can't believe how calm she is. My Annie would be rocking, grinding, hyperventilating, chewing on her hands and pushing the book away. Are you guys on any meds for anxiety? I just LOVE the matching book you made - Awesome!

abbysworld said...

No meds for Abby as of yet. Just for reflux and melatonin for sleep.

Karlie Grace said...

Way to go Abby girl! I love your new video! Mom, i totally heard "yellow" and seen every answer plain as day. They CANNOT deny after seeing this, no way...she clearly understands and is communicating that beautifully :) How often do you use books like that? I'm super impressed :)

Brooklyn and Kelly said...

YAY Abby!! *and YAY mommy*
We all know you are so smart - I am so glad you have these videos to show everyone at school too :) We love you so much Abby and are so pround of how hard you work! I hope this video opens their eyes a bit! Big Hugs from your friends in Indiana!

Doris said...

Good job Abby! Keep on truckin'

Carly's MeMe said...

Great photos, Terry, I will enjoy keeping track of Abby,instead of asking Jack all the time.

Sharon Nichelson