Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just A Few

Hello all. First I want to remind everyone that April is Autism Awareness Month. As some of you know Rett Syndrome is considered to be the very worst on the spectrum. Don't forget to donate if you can. Every little bit helps. $5,10,20,25 one time or even once a month can be set up by going here. There is a cure within our reach!
The above picture was taken today when we got home from the pool. Swim therapy or hydra therapy does so much for Abby. I attempted to get video today but when I turned my camera on it was outta batteries. Abby is always so much more alert and happy and just there after a swim session. I think it has such a stimulating affect on her. I cant wait to get video next time. The thing she is doing with her arms and hands seems to be her thing for "yes" and "yipee" I am so glad I captured it on camera.
I want to introduce you guys to our friend Little Joseph. Joseph goes to swim therapy around the same time as Abby and he is the cutest little guy. I don't think I paid attention to the second half of Abby's lesson today because Joseph was in my lap. He is such a little charmer. He crawled right in my lap and I sang his favorite song to him and we just had a blast. He has a video on you tube of him singing with his mom you can see by clicking here. I am also going to put a link to his video channel on the right. His Mom is so awesome. Today I finally got some attention from his lil sis too!!!!
Unfortunately we had to take Abby to the doc this week. We had an issue with a feed and she wretched so hard we think her fundo may have come loose. She actually vomited into her fathers lap(GO ABBY) and she shouldn't be able to vomit at all with the fundo. We also found out that she is not gaining enough weight-actually back down to her hospital dismissal weight so the doc put her on a new medicine to help with digestion in hopes that she can take more in if we can move it along. We started that one tonight.
SO that's it for now. And just in case you forgot you can donate to the Rett Syndrome Research Trust by clicking here up until April 15th.
Terri and Abby.


Brooklyn and Kelly said...

I sure to love that smile! And I can't wait to see video of you swimming, how fun!!

Melicamay said...

Gorgeous smile! I have donated $5 - sorry it wasn't more