Sunday, March 8, 2009


Thsi is video of Abby at the park with her Mommy and her nurse after a pretty busy week.
Her nurse is already under Abby's spell.
On Tuesday we got to go to swim therapy and wish I would have taken video there. Abby kept looking over at us and smiling and kicking. She is so cute when she shows off.
Thursday was alltogether a crap day. We had to take Abby to school to get her fitted for a wheelchair so she can ride the lift bus. I hated it. Seeing Abby arrive at school was awesome. You would of thought she was on her way to a wiggles concert. Her PT said that's how she arrives everyday, like she is so excited and happy she may burst. After school we had to go to an eval we had waited 6 months for and before we got in the door Abby got caught up and her gtube got pulled out so we were off to the ER and had to cancel the appoinment.
Friday was better. Friday morning we got some good news about getting Abby some equiptment and therapy that we have been on a list for for a long time. Then we took Miss Happy Pants to the park.

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The MacDonald Family said...

Awww, your week sounds like ours. This week is sure to be better! Abby is so cute, she looks so happy at the park! And your nurse seems fabulous! Hugs! Bridget and Annie.

Brooklyn and Kelly said...

Man.....Abby - you are so stinking cute, I could jsut eat you up! It sure looks like you are LOVING those swings!!!! YAY!

Melicamay said...

Wow soooo lovely to see "Miss Happy Pants" looking so wonderful!!!