Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Back at it.

Thought I'd share some recent picsThese were taken after being out back with Dad in a tshirt, diaper and a ball cap! She is starting to look much healthier although we still dont have here feedings were we want them.This was her all strapped up in her chair she has to ride in for the lift bus. You would think she was getting ready to go fly a naval jet. There is a waist strap, butterfly 4 way strap, one that goes over her head and buckels between the legs and at her chest. That's just for the chair. Then they strao the chair in for 5 minutes once she is on the bus! Down our very new, and very steep ramp.

This is the ramp. They still need to put skid tape down because it is very steep.


Terri and Abby


Brooklyn and Kelly said...

You are such a cutie, love the hat!! It sure looks like you are super safe in your chair on the bus!

Melicamay said...

Awww so gorgeous!!

I remember my training to strap chairs into buses!! It was a LOT of training!!!!

At least you know she is secure :)