Friday, March 20, 2009

Abby's Shapes and Colors

Well, I have been on an absolute mission this week. For a very long time I have fought a battle that no one but me seemed to hear. That my little girl is in there. Something happened this last week that just made me blow up.

My daughter has Rett Syndrome. It has robbed her of her speech. Her purposeful hand use. Her free will. I have read my last,"the mother claimes" I can't stand it anymore. She is not unteachable nor is she unreachable. She has more to teach us about patience and love and the brilliance that is in a child that so many have deemed a lost cause because of her disabilities.

She cannot talk but she can tell you so much if you just watch her. Let her show you. She is telling you so much more than you have ever taken the time to stop and pay attention to. Look in her eyes. Watch her movements. She is not capable of being consistent but she is capable. Let her show you.


Karlie Grace said...

Yaaay Abby, Yaaay Mommy and yaay for the new nurse too! Terri, i hate it that there are some nasty people out there who can't see past the noses on their own faces but you are doing a fabulous job of working with Abby on film so they can see for themselves that she's totally teachable and reachable. Jon and i love the videos, please keep them coming :) Big hugs

Melicamay said...

Wow go Abby!!! What a smart little girl!!!

The people who don't see your daughter, just a patient, are the ones missing out on SO much!!! I was disciplined at work for saying that I 'loved' the little Rett girl I was working with. She had started me out on this amazing journey and I quit my job rather than have to become passive.
The secrets these girls tell us with their eyes are worth a millions words!!!

Brooklyn and Kelly said...

You are a little miss smarty pants!! YAY Abby! You SHOW everyone how smart you are!!! We are SO proud of you!

Brandi and Andrew said...

I just found your blog through some of the other girls and I love it. I am struggling with trying to get the teachers and therapists too to believe that he is in there. Your videos are awesome and you are doing such a great job with her. Keep up the great work!