Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Working on it

Looks like it's time for your weekly dose of cuteness! Abby went to the Neuro yesterday and is doing really good. The doc suggested something I hadn't realized. I have really been perplexed on why Abby has been a poor eater and then why she just stopped and refused almost alltogether. He looked right at me and told me it is because she can. These girls live trapped in these tiny little bodies with no free will or ability and they will do WHAT they can do. That's why you have teeth grinding and breath holding and eye rolling. It's the same with the eating. She has power there. She doesn't realize she is harming herself but she can decide when she eats, how much and it is a moment where she can be in charge. Made total sense to me.
We also had to set an appointment for Thursday to go back to the surgery clinic because there is so much extra granulation tissue growing rather rapidly around her stoma that we have to go have it removed in the morning. For the second time in a week.
She is slowly gaining and has grown 2 inches in a month!

Here is Abby going for a walk this morning with her new nurse(who wont let me take a pic without warning)As you can see Abby really trusts her.
Here they are hand in hand. Taking a walk on a beautiful sunny day

It was really calming and nice to watch my daughter this week. With the nurse her I can get up early and have half the house clean and breakfast ready before she arrives. Then I am able to do most of my chores while she deals with Abby. It's nice.

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Brooklyn and Kelly said...

These are some super cute pictures - she is such a cutie and I hope the nurse continues to work out and love and adore Abby the way she deserves to be loved and adored!!