Monday, February 2, 2009


Abby is not playing YMCA in this photo. I don't know if it's been because of the surgery or because of decent calories but she is very onery lately. She cannot grab the concept that she needs to chill during her feedings so she keeps throwing her arms up to grab the tube, or her leg or whatever will move for her at the moment. When I get onto her about it she laughes hysterically.
This is princess bratty pants trying to kick my butt for taking pictures of her being a monster!
We had a caseworker and a a nurse here today. We have been told(which isn't always the case) that we will be getting a nurse for 20 hours a week. I welcome the relief. It had been offered a year ago and I was appaled that someone DARE think I couldn't do all and be all but I can't so here we are.
The nurse is going to work on getting her dairy free formula after seeeing her second gagging and gas attack during and right after a feed.
Wish us luck!
Thanks for keeping up with us
Kisses and Love from Mom and Abby


Caitlyn said...

I hope you guys get a good formula for her, and she continues to grow.

She is still in our thoughts!

Brooklyn and Kelly said...

sedning love and hugs from Indiana!!

Avery said...

heres hoping you have a gas-free baby night! :D