Friday, February 20, 2009

Abby dancing and Avery

Here is video of Abby dancing while watching tv tonight. We just have her back to the point where she is doing this again so she may appear a tad weaker than her normal self but this is her. She is a boogie machine and she loves her tv.

My dear friend Carrie has a daughter with Abby's same condition right down to the same deletion in the same place on the gene. You can watch Avery dance at

They look like the same kid on different days or different years with their mannerisms and sparkling blue eyes. Avery just appears to be a whole lot sturdier and thank God for that!

Sweet babies!


Brooklyn and Kelly said...

OH MY GOSH - she is the cutest thing and you are right - SO similar to Avery! Both are two of my favorite little girls. I wish I could give them hugs and kisses right now....darn that distance between all of us!

Avery said...

yes, avery is a fatter version of abby :) Abby will get her strength back---just think how strong she will be with more swimming?!?!?

Karlie Grace said...

I love the t.v. videos. Karlie's a dancing machine too, constantly going back and forth, back and forth. I noticed that Abby and Avery both walk flat footed (which is wonderful)! Is Abby still wearing her afo's? Wondering if Avery does? Your last several posts have been awesome to see! I'm so glad she's getting better, hopefully the lil booger will be getting her strength back soon! Sending big hugs!

Brooklyn and Kelly said...

Look at the cute widget :)

Caitlyn said...

How much fun is that! Caitlyn likes to dance too! Though, Caitlyn is a toe dancer!! We should get all of our girls together for a dance party! A big old Rett Girl Dance party...Wouldn't that just be the talk of the century!