Friday, January 2, 2009

Not eating again

Well, our girl is refusing food again. I don't know what to do. She is going whole days without taking solids. We currently get 2 bottles of pediasure paid for a day. It's 11.00 for a six pack. Today she went through four bottles when I finally gave up about 6pm. She is just clenching her teeth and turning her head.

She's sleeping well, no fever, no GERD acting up. Her doc told us 2 months ago we needed to really consider getting her a feeding tube. My head knows that is probably inevitable and the right choice but my heart can't bear the thought of putting her through surgery or any unnecessary pain whatsoever. The thought that she can't tell me it hurts or that she doesn't want it makes me ache all over. Add that with the fact that her Dad is demanding that it be an absolute last straw.

I am dreading her weight check. I will need to schedule it soon. I should have had it done 3 weeks ago but I knew she hadn't gained enough weight.

I feel like I'm being a bad Mom


Caitlyn said...

I sorry you guys are dealing with this. Could she have a tooth ache? I know the tube is a scarey decision, but every parent I've talked to has said they were glad they did it! I hope Abby will start eating for you!

Avery said...

terri, you are not a bad parent! Actually the aches you feel prove that. Keep the big picture in view--Abby cant stay healthy without food. If that means a feeding tube to ensure she gets what she needs than as her mom you have to do it. That doesnt mean she doesnt get to enjoy food by mouth--just means it takes the pressure off both of you.

Keep your head up!

Brooklyn and Kelly said...

I am so sorry to hear that....I feel the same way - for some reason a feeding tube freaks me out. But...when our kiddos don't eat - that is scary too. I recvently started adding ice cream to Brooklyn milk :) Also - have you tried Benecalorie? It is a liquid that you can add to most drinks? Brooklyns wasn't a huge fan of it but it might be worth a try for Abby???