Sunday, January 25, 2009

Getting there

We are on our10th day here at the hospital. Above is Dr H. The love of Abby's life. She flirts and smiles at him and sings for an hour after he leaves. He is a great doc and really listens to us and is completely and totally concerned with Abby being comfortable and well cared for.
Abby's best friend Madison came to visit her yesterday and they played on the bed and sopke through eye gaze and giggles.

This is Abby kissen her Ne Ne and lovin on her baby that Madison brought her.
Right now Abby is taking 90 mls over 2 hours of half and half water and formula. Her stomach had shrunk that much. We are raising it 20 mls every 4 hours. When she gets to 250 mls of formula only we can go home.
We can't wait!!!!!!!!


Girl Power 2 Cure said...

Abby's got good taste! What a cute doctor! :-)

Caitlyn said...

I was just going to say Abby has good taste, but I see it has been said! It is nice to see her smiling a little again!! We are praying that you get up to that magical number quickly!! And that Abby starts packing on the pounds!

Avery said...

Wow, Dr. H is quite the looker! :)
I dont think I would mind him giving me a physical! just kidding...sorta!

Abby, love that your friend came to see you. Im sure you both were missing it each a ton.


Karlie Grace said...

Yep, totally see why she's been such a flirt! I agree that he's a hottie! It was great seeing her playing with her little friend. That's Karlie's most favorite toy! It's good to hear that her intake is increasing, she is going to be so much healthier but i know you both must be sooo ready to go home. Not much longer girls, hang in there!

Melicamay said...

Well done Abby - you are such a strong little girl, and SUCH a gorgeous one!!

Brooklyn and Kelly said...

Yep - he would make me smile and sing too:)
I am hoping you get to all be home in your own beds real soon - even if Dr. McDreamy can't come with you!

abbysworld said...

All right you guys are gonna get me in trouble!!!
It's very touching to see how much Abby has really touched him though!