Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back to school and more

Abby went back to school today. She was absolutely thrilled when she came home and babbled the rest of the night. This pic was taken just before she left this morning. We are trying to get Abby to back in her room and sleep in her own bed so we changed some things around. We wanted to get her a tv for her room that was 200.00 because it was a pretty pink and purple disney tv. Right before I went to get it I read the reviews and they were horrible. So her Dad went into the basement and got an old 19 inch we weren't using and took the case off. We painted it purple then sprayed some glitter and then a clear coat. We put puffy heart stickers on it. We already had everything except the glitter and the dvd player so she got the whole set up for about 30 bucks. And she loves it!!!!
She was so memorized. She will have to be in her bed soon so we are hoping she likes it. We are thinking of getting a twin blow up mattress for me to put at the end of the bed until she gets adjusted.
She layed in it to watch a movie last night but we couldn't get her to stay. Boy if I had a room this cool when I was little I could have been the happiest little thing ever. They did have tv's back then didn't they?


Brooklyn and Kelly said...

Abby - your purple tv is the COOLEST!!!!! You are one special little girl with a super special room - it is ADORABLE!!! Hopefully one of these days Brooklyn will get the chance to visit - put in one of your beloved Wiggles tapes and you all would be forever friends :)

Avery said...

abby, your room is awesome! Daddy was pretty smart for doing that.

Terri, let me know if you are sucessful. Avery is still in a crib and I am ready to transition to a twin.

Karlie Grace said...

I love her new room! The purple and glitter tv rocks but i think the alphabet and princess walls are my fav! Very creative...and noggin friendly! I hope she enjoys her new space. I'm also curious about switching to a big girl bed so keep us posted.

Girl Power 2 Cure said...

What a creative idea! LOVE IT! Good luck with everything!!!

Grammy said...

Abby, your room is soooo cute! I love your headboard with the shelves for your stuffed animals and little dollies. And your Dad is so smart to fix up the tv so pretty.....he should go into the princess tv business!!!

Brooklyn's Grammy

Brooklyn said...

Hey....check out my blog..I gave you an award :) Thanks for always being there for me in this crazy "rett world"