Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tis the season..and stuff

Here is a pic of our first snow. We didn't get much-just an inch over ice. I was on the way home from the gym yesterday at 5pm and it was so much fun to drive in! Here is my little angel being oh so cute in her Christmas bandana doo rag. She started back to swim for the first time in a month yesterday and was very lazy about it. $68.00 an hour to have someone drag her around the pool. Geez!
We are still having nutrition issues but it's a learning process. She is stubborn and only wants to eat when and what she wants and if we dont like then we can just wear it! Thank goodness for pediasure!
We just signed up for a Rett fundraising activity in April and are so excited. So be prepared cause ya know you are on my hit list!
Dont forget that you can donate anytime if you click on one of the tabs to the right----> under donate to research.
Love and Peace

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Brooklyn said...

LOVE the bandana!!! You are too cute little miss Abby!