Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thank you Mama G, Avery and Carrie

Abby got a new Poncho. Just like Avery's and she loves it!!!!!!!! Look how thrilled she is! She was squealing and laughing. It was so awesome.
Seriously she was flippin out.

Little fashionista. Thanks you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!


Avery said...

you are so very welcome! I do have to say that it wasnt my mom but rather Avery's other grandma---Mama G who deserves all the credit!

Abby you look so cute! Hope it keeps you warm!

Brooklyn said...

Abby - you look BEAUTIFUL in your new poncho!! We LOVE it!!!

Karlie Grace said...

You look so cute! We love your new poncho Abby girl! I wish those squeals were on video, we love to hear you laugh girlfriend!