Monday, December 1, 2008

Princess Sicky poo

Abby is sick. Of course we dont know the exact reason because she cant tell us. She has been refusing food for going on the 3rd day. Whatever we do manage to get her to open her mouth for comes right back up.
Friday night she started having some pretty aweful tremors and we thought she may be siezing. She is not really wanting to walk and when she does as soon as she stops she gets stuck and cant move and just trembles and whimpers till someone comes and gets her.
At this point I dont know if her nerves are causing her stomach to be upset or the other way around. I know we are both exhausted and I just broke down and cried myself to sleep after finally giving her some emetrol and benedryl last night so she could get some rest.
Keep her in your thoughts and prayers please so we can get our happy little girl back soon.


Avery said...

hope she feels better soon! Avery is sick too. ear infection, and a nasty cough that is causing her to puke up anything she eats...she is living on eggnog and carnation!

Karlie Grace said...

Bless her little heart, she looks pittiful under her little eyes. Hoping she feels better soon, i know it's tough on you too Mom!

Brooklyn said...

Awww, we hope she gets better real soon. That is miserable for both of you. It must be going around Brooklyn is home sick too. I pray you get some sleep too - it can take its toll on mommy too!