Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas changes

Traditional Czech Dinner on Christmas Eve Oh yah it's my Wiggles!
Daddy putting everything from her stocking on her~
Abby with the hat the Irby's sent
Abby wondering why we keep showing her stuff when we know she is supposed to be watching the wiggles!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow. If you are like us Christmas last for days among many houses so we wont be completely done until Sunday evening.
This Christmas was a little different. I was expecting a little more from Abby this year and sometimes I forget that the Rett monster is in charge. We have been seeing so much from her lately I dont know what I thought was going to happen.
Her 16 year old brother woke us up because he was tired of waiting. Not thining that Abby needs a good hour of leave me along space out time we dug right in and I don't think she was ready. She just really seemed confused to why we kept showing her stuff when she wa supposed to be watching her wiggles. Good thing for us we had ordered 2 videos and 2 cd's. One of the videos was so old that Anthony was Captain Feathersword. She finally perked up when we put in the videos.
The cd's confused her I think and we may have to listen to them in the car first. She didn't seem to understand why she could hear them but not see them. We take so much for granted sometimes.
We did a Christmas exchange with my online Rettmoms from my group and Abby got some wonderful homemade gifts. We love them!!!!! All in all she was pretty happy and her and her brother are pretty spoiled. Well her brother is anyway!!!Hope you all had a great Holiday.

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Karlie Grace said...

I LOVE her Irby original! She looks so darn cute in it. What a little baby doll! I'm glad she had a good time, thank God for the Wiggles! I hope it was an enjoyable Christmas for you too Momma!