Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 and The New Year

What a full and crazy year 2008 has been for us. The year started with some scary times and several surgeries for Abby's Mommy. We got her through with support and love.
We met some absolutely wonderful people that got us through the rough spots of Rett Syndrome with their love and devotion and example. Thank you so much to our friends we made or became closer with in 2008. Carrie and Avery, Kelly and Brooklyn, Ingrid and Sarah, Kim and Karlie, Jen and Em. No one wants to have met the way we did but I do believe that we for one would be lost without your love and your shoulders.
After 2 years we have finally started to come to terms with what we have to face. Always the brave face to the world but not always so much at home. There has to be a reason for this. If it's to touch a few peoples hearts and make them better people through the absolute love and devotion we have then so be it.
We are learning to accept and love the pure innocence and beauty of our Abby. She has taught me so much about life and love and determination. That pure smile she has fills my heart with so much love and pride it is unexplainable.
In 2009 we will continue or fight for a cure through advocation, education and determination. We will fight for the acceptance of our families. We will continue to hope for donations from you for the equiptment and therapy our daughters need as hope you will also continue to support programs and politicians who fight for the disabled. Cutting programs for children and people with disabilities should be the last thing to go. Not the first. Thank you Govenor Blunt for teaching us what a Govenor should not be.
Please fight for equal rights and services in every state for every person. Missouri is one of the worst for children with disabilities. Please help us fix it.
For those of you who are good enough people to love and support your girl with Rett Syndrome unconditionally. Whether it be a Grandparent or an Aunt or a friend. God Bless You. I can't say how much that means for the people you support. You are amazing.

Abby thanks and loves all of you. This little face above is the one I wake up to every morning. As hard as she struggles this is her. Happy and loving and sweet. How could I ask for more?

All our love,
The Vejrosta's


Brooklyn and Kelly said...

I am so glad to have "met" you and that we have the blogs and facebook and all this technology to keep us connected, I honestly do not know what I would do without you and other other moms - there is just something comforting about knowing you are not alon in all of this. Let's hope 2009 brings lots of blessings!!!

Caitlyn said...

Well said!! Washington is horrible too, we are told we rank 39th for services for people with disabilities. Here's to hoping 2009 sees some more support from our government!

Karlie Grace said...

Ok lady, you made me cry! This is beautifully written and i too am so thankful that we all have each other. I would be lost without the support and advice that i've found in all of you. Sending our love to you and Abby girl and hoping 2009 makes all of our dreams come true!

Avery said...

well said terri! I hate what has brought us all together but am glad that when faced with something so unfair as rett syndrome I have all of you to seek comfort in.

love ya!

Anonymous said...

I found your blog while researching this syndrome for a presentation at my high school and am so glad I did. It brought me to tears. She is beautiful and I hope that she stays happy and healthy always.
All the best,
Annie Leonard