Saturday, November 15, 2008

And then all was right with the world

This time of year, for some reason especially this year is hard. To go to the shops and see all the tea sets and grocery sets and little kitchens out and to know that my daughter can't play with them is heart breaking. Oh she'll smile and throw herself about but it wont be the little tea parties I dreamed of.
You would have to know a Rett girl to know that when we describe no purposeful hand use it means just that. She can't pick up or reach for a toy. She can smile at it at hit at it. But she can't pick it up or hold it.
Tonight we were laying in bed and when I put her down I asked her where she wanted her Kitty. She touched next to her on the bed with her face then smiled at me so I put Kitty there and put her arm over her. She went right to sleep but woke up about 20 minutes later. She looked at me and smiled then looked at her kitty and nudged and moved it with her head until the Kitty became her pillow. I just had to get a pic and go get her Dad to see her. AWWWW!!


SeairaLaNae said...

That is so precious!!

Brooklyn said...

I love it! What a precious picture!!!

Karlie Grace said...

Awww...i love it too! So sweet!

Avery said...

very sweet! That should be on the girlpower site!