Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving for my little TURKEY!

Wow. It's been a crazy week. We had our Thanksgiving today. Everyone is stuffed and lazy. Just the way it should be! And NO I AM NOT GOING SHOPPING TOMORROW! I am not THAT crazy.
Here's a pic of my little turkey girlNo! I dont want to eat my dinner! Give it to Bubba! I wanna bite my Daddy so hard he has to put me down and leave the house! I'm sorry Daddy. Here's a big kissy!
And one for Mom Look! Twins!
I am just too cute. I know!!!! Mom only takes my pic lately if I'm wearing this shirt. I have more. I really do!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

And then all was right with the world

This time of year, for some reason especially this year is hard. To go to the shops and see all the tea sets and grocery sets and little kitchens out and to know that my daughter can't play with them is heart breaking. Oh she'll smile and throw herself about but it wont be the little tea parties I dreamed of.
You would have to know a Rett girl to know that when we describe no purposeful hand use it means just that. She can't pick up or reach for a toy. She can smile at it at hit at it. But she can't pick it up or hold it.
Tonight we were laying in bed and when I put her down I asked her where she wanted her Kitty. She touched next to her on the bed with her face then smiled at me so I put Kitty there and put her arm over her. She went right to sleep but woke up about 20 minutes later. She looked at me and smiled then looked at her kitty and nudged and moved it with her head until the Kitty became her pillow. I just had to get a pic and go get her Dad to see her. AWWWW!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Out of the house

This weekend we decided to follow Daddy up to his hotel where he works instead of being stuck at home without a car.BORING!!!! I can't believe I worked at hotels for so long and such long hours. We were bored to tears until we found our own fun.
Here is Abby being pretty and lazy in the king size bed she took up all of

Abby playing possum

OMG Mom is blowing bubbles

I'm gonna get it!!!

Got it. Funniest thing ever!

Teasing her Daddy. Denying kisses.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Editions

Shawn, Beau and Meghan Aunt Terri and Beau

Beau Joseph D Butterworth


Me Abby and Hailey

Tis the season for everyone to have babies at once! Our friend Jennifer gave birth to baby Hailey on October 24th.
This morning my niece Meghan gave birth to her first child. A son. Beau Joseph D Butterworth. He is so cute and Mom and Dad are doing fine. I can't wait for Abby to meet him. Unfortunately I arrived an hour and a half after his birth because somebodys husband-who lives in my house doesn't tell people-me- that the phone has been ringing since 2am until 11am. I'm better now but boy was I one mad mess earlier. Now I have to get a car so I can go see his cute little rear all the time.
These are the first 2 babies I have had happy feelings towards since Abby's regression and not a total ache in my heart. I felt nothing but love and happiness this afternoon. Just wish I could of been there for his arrival.
So congratulations to all and especially to Meghan and Shawn-I love you three with all my heart. Congratulations!

Abby just being cute!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The farmer and the Princess

On Thursday Abby had Old Macdonalds Farm Day at school!

Here is my beautiful Butterfly Princess!First house to trick or treat at. She wanted in!Having a ball!

Oh Daddy I had the best day ever!