Monday, October 20, 2008

Update on our girl.

We just got back from the doctor for her prescheduled well check. And this came up:You knowAbby had a virus over the weekend. A high one 103 and above. While she was very feverous(sp) she would grab things and hold them and hand them back to me.
I talked to her doctor about it this morning and he wanted me to ask if you guys have ever seen this with your girls when they are sick? Abby usually has no hand function other than slapping.
He also brought up the gtube because Abby has only gained one pound since her diagnosis 2 years ago. He wants us to document everything she eats and doesnt eat for two months. If she hasnt gained any weight he wants us to go ahead with a mickey.
Her throat is still red but the ulcers are gone. We decided to keep her home from school today to get more rest.
Thanks so much for all your well wishes. I really appreciate them.


Brooklyn said...

I can't believe that she was grabbing things during her high fever, I am very anxious to here if anyone else has things to say about this, I have never experienced anything like that with Brooklyn. I hope she continues to get better quickly!!

Caitlyn said...

We haven't personally had that experience with high fevers, but there is a study which has shown children with Autism change with a fever. Here is a link about it. They call it the "fever effect." I know our girls don't have Autism, but maybe it's the same effect? If you google 'Autism and high fever' there are a few other articles...I suppose the fever somehow relaxes the nuero problems or something?