Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rett Syndrome Awareness Month!!!!!!!!

October is Rett Syndrome Awareness Month and I have decided to have an online fundraiser in Abby's name
Scientist are on the breakthrough for a cure for our girls and any help would be greately appreciated.
To donate to research in Abby's name or any other Rett Angels name you can go to:

There is also a wonderful website with great info and products at:

As most of you know my Abby was born a typical child and met all of her typical milestones except for sitting up and walking late which we attributed to being spoiled. At 18 months she woke up one morning blank as can be and no longer had func ional use of her hands and seemed to have forgotten how to speak and everything she had learned. After many months of doctors and tests we learned our baby had this horrible Syndrome.There is a cure within our reach !
All the girls above are also Rett Syndrome Angels.
For more info please visit www.girlpower2cure or
Please help today.
Thank you so much
Terr and Abby Vejrosta

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