Friday, October 3, 2008

October is Rett Syndrome Awareness Month!

It is October. I noticed today on the way to pick up Abby's wheelchair that all the fountains in town were pink. Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.It is also Rett Syndrome Awareness Month! This year, I am trying to make it “Action Month” as well. Since you are “aware” of Rett Syndrome, I am asking you to help me take action.As you know, our daughter, Abby, has Rett syndrome. This devastating disease has taken away her ability to move at will, all purposeful hand use and the ability to speak.. She is our world and in the Rett Syndrome World you learn very quickly that the friends and families of these girls are the only ones who speak for them. Funds are not raised in drive throughs or at stores and we have no telethon. All we have is each other and word of mouth. In honor of Abby, I am joining the non-profit organization Girl Power 2 Cure to help fund Rett Syndrome research.
A few facts about Rett Syndrome to consider:

*It is a debilitating neurological disorder that mainly affects girls

* It is the most severe form of AUTISM

* It is the leading cause of severe impairment in females – most cannot speak, walk, or use their hands

* Is caused by a random gene mutation, every baby girl has an equal chance of acquiring

* Another baby girl is born afflicted every 90 minutes

* It COULD be the first childhood neurological disorder CURED!!Did I just say CURED?THE CURE IS CLOSE Yes!! There is amazing research going on RIGHT NOW that has the potential to give Abby back everything she has lost. We could possibly hear her speak again. Or watch her play pretend, or climb up the stairs! Sing Itsy bitsy spider.... We are very hopeful for treatments or a possible cure! Of course this takes continued research and Girl Power 2 Cure, Inc. uses 100% of their proceeds to fund the top Rett Syndrome research labs in the world.To make a donation in honor of Abby and help change the lives of hundreds of thousands of little girls just like mine, visit our family’s personal page: and click the “donate” button.
To really make an impact, also consider sponsoring a drug in honor ofAbby. There is a crucial project needing funding which will test all 3,000 pre-approved FDA drugs. There could be help for Abby on the shelf just waiting!
One drug costs just $168 to test. Click the link on our family page, or go directly to: to sponsor a drug now.
Please share this email with all of YOUR friends and family as well – together we have the POWER to beat Rett Syndrome! With all our love and Thanks-The Vejrosta's-Jiri, Terri, Kyler and Abby

Abby thanks you. Hopefully one day she will say it!

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