Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Let's Do Tea Party

This weekend Abby and I went to a Let's Do Tea Party for Rett Syndrome. Abby was a perfect angel the whole time. She is getting better with socializing out of her environment as long as their are people she knows and she is getting used to our Rett friends here finally.
I have no idea how much money was raised but we got to spend time with our Shannon and Alysssa.
We also got to meet a wonderful family from about 2 hours away. Their daughter name is Brenna and she was just diagnosed this month! She is 10 years old! I cannot imagine having to wait that long. They were incredible people. Brenna has CDKL5 as opposed to MECP2. CDKL5 can cause a host of issues, disorders and syndromes including Rett.
Brenna was a tad nervous I think because she didn't know any of us and we were of course right in her face. She was very sweet and definately a Mommy's girl!
I do hope her family stays in touch.
Here are some pics of the fun!
Miss Lyss looking fab!

The girls checking out the goodies!Abby, Brenna and Alyssa
Ok Brenna. You'll get used to it. They're good peeps!

Brenna loves Mommy!
Fat Baby Jace!


Avery said...

looks like fun! I wish we had some other rett families close by.

Brooklyn said...

Terri - that looks like so much fun! Thank you for posting pictures of the girls :) I can't imagine Brenna's family having to wait 10 years for a diagnosis - how frustrating for them! I hope they keep in touch with all of you!