Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The farm

We took Abby to her great grandparents farm this weekend. We had a wonderful time. We hadn't taken her down there since she was in the throws of regression. At first it was because of our depression then it was because we were afraid it would be too hard on my grandparents who simply adored her. They are great folks who have lived in the same few square miles that their grandparents settled on from Germany a long time ago. They have 240 acres that a local farmer now farms. The ride down was peaceful and she was an angel the whole ride there and back-almost 300 miles. Here she is kissing great grandma. She charmed her socks off!!! They were so great with her. Grandma gets denied! So funny!
AWWWW big face kiss for great grandpa
In front of the old pig birthing pen with Bubba
Exploring with Bubba


Avery said...

too cute! Kyler looks like a great big brother!

Grammy said...

This must have been the weekend to visit grandparents...Brooklyn visited her great grandma in Cleveland on Sunday!

Brooklyn's Grammy

Brooklyn said...

HOW FUN!! I am so glad it was a great trip for everyone. It can be a gamble sometimes traveling with your girls. I know since Brooklyn is out of regression it has become MUCH easier too. I agree with Carrie - what a great big brother you have Abby!